Special rates for UniSender "Free" tariff:

For UniSender new clients and existing clients: Free access to "Free-20,000" plan, that access client makes up to 15 email campaigns for one calendar month (30 days) on the email list consists of 20,000 emails.

The offer is provided to the Cardholders/customers who have presented the special coupon code. To get the the special coupon code

2. Special offer for online UniSender E-Marketing School course (tuition language - Russian):

• For individual trainings: Subject to purchase of UniSender E-Marketing School "Basic" course - a gift: one free mini-course to choose from:
- "E-mailing Analytics",
- "How to conduct promos via mailing lists",
- "Multichannel in email marketing", or
- "Consulting in email marketing".
- For corporate trainings: 30% discount, provided that more than 2 professionals from 1 company/customer are to be trained at the School.
Upon request, we can develop a separate training program in email marketing, tailored to the needs of a particular business.
- 25% discount on the course "Marketing in social media".

The offer is provided to the Cardholders/customers who has presented VISAUNISENDEREDU coupon code by the email: mpopova@unisender.com.

3. Services for setting up email marketing. Discount of 10% on the following services:

• Authentication (increases email delivery).
• Email base collection
• Setting up Sales funnel
• Creating of the email template in the new UniSender email editor.

The offer is provided to the Cardholders/customers who has presented VISAUNISENDEREMAIL coupon code by the email: partners@unisender.com
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